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We had so much fun in the kitchen this Easter holiday - and Sweets Cooking made it easy for us. We made the most delicious Candy and Caramel. The Sweets Cooking sets contain everything you need to make your own sweets. Ingredients, tools, recipe and video guide - everything to make sure you succeed every time. It’s sweets in a new way!

How to?

We showed you the whole process on our Instagram Story and we saved it in a highlight, so you can watch it again and again. You will also get a full video guide with every Sweets Cooking set, to make it easy and fun to cook.

You can either eat the sweets or play with friends and family to win the sweets. The game is just as fun as making the sweets. Treat everyone you know to some delicious sweets!

Over and over again

Not only do we have the full sets here on the webshop - we also have the refill sets, which means you can shop the ingredients and make your favourite sweets over and over again. The refill box is available for all 4 sweets. Sweets Cooking also comes with a Gummy and liquorice set.

It’s hard to find your favourite sweet! How about you just try all of them? They taste delicious and are fun to make!

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