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Join The Sippers Club

It's as easy as creating an account online. Membership to The Sippers Club is free!

Earn Sips

Earn Sips by shopping online. Sips can be redeemed with future purchases.

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Receive 50 Sips as a welcome bonus. A purchase value of SEK 50!

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Get 50 Sips as a welcome bonus!

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Q & A

1. If you do not already have an account, first create an account online. 2. In your newly created account, navigate to The Sippers Club and register to become a member. Membership is free!

Sips are points that you earn by making purchases online at For members of The Sippers Club, the number of Sips awarded will be 5% of the purchase value, exclusive VAT and transport.

On the "My Account" page in you will find your point balance under "My Sips".

You can select to use your Sips when you checkout online. If you have enough Sips in your account to pay for an entire order, it will appear as a payment option. Else you can generate a voucher code in "My Account", and use the voucher code at checkout.

Your Sips are valid for 12 months.

Once you have registered an account with and applied to join The Sippers Club, you will receive 50 Sips upon approval of your membership.

1 Sip = 1 kr. or equivalent in your currency.

Yes, you can cancel by contacting us.

Approximately 1-2 days.
Members of The Sippers Club can earn Sips when they invite friends and family that register via their link. 25 Sips are awarded for each friend or family member when they make their first purchase.
Yes, friends and family that register with your invitation will receive a 15% discount voucher code. The voucher code needs to be used within 30 days from the time of registration.