Perfect cup of chai

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This delicious recipe is super easy to follow. We recommend using either our signature Black Vanilla Chai #531 or NOTE Chai Coconut - you won't regret trying it… 

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PREP TIME - 10 minutes

This recipe should definitely get you ready for those cold fall nights, where you just want to chill at home! 

TIP: You can brew all our other black tea this way - try #535 #580 or #583 as well, it’s just as delicious.

531 Black Vanilla Chai

#531 Black Chai Vanilla 

Our signature Chai tea - a delicious blend of Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, orange peel, pink pepper, aroma and vanilla!  

Kathryn tested this recipe over and over until it turned out just right! Have you tried it yet? 

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  • I made this one:)
    By : Ole reimer On 10/22/2019

    I made this cup of chai, the best cup ever, love it

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